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Sonny Gray Jersey hether it was
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Dołączył: 21 Cze 2018
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Wysłany: Pon Lip 02, 2018 9:21 am   Sonny Gray Jersey hether it was

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Swimsuits can also be set on on seashore locations and about personal pools (even though no likely swimming is involved). Bikinis are adjustable but that does not suggest you might address them even therefore you must. Bikinis may also be utilized when it comes to entire body present in attractiveness pageants . Slimming bathing fits created from mechanically sophisticated fabric biomimetically fashioned having a surface location that imitates the difficult shark denticles to chop back again pull alongside vital areas of the body. Bikinis are so unveiling you cannot consider possibility of finding one particular that will not package you nicely. .

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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Friday notified the chief election officer or secretaries of state in 21 states that hackers targeted their states' election systems before last year's U.S. presidential election.

The notification came roughly a full year after ABC News reported that "more than 20" states' had been targeted.

"Hackers working on behalf of the Russian government are suspected in the onslaught against more than 20 state election systems Rockies Todd Helton Jersey , according to sources with knowledge of the matter," ABC News reported in September last year.

The states targeted are Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado Rockies Nolan Arenado Jersey , Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland Rockies Trevor Story Jersey , Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania Womens Wade Davis Jersey , Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin, according to Fox News.

"It is completely unacceptable that it has taken DHS over a year to inform our office of Russian scanning of our systems, despite our repeated requests for information," California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said Friday in a statement.

"The practice of withholding critical information from elections officials is a detriment to the security of our elections and our democracy Womens Jon Gray Jersey ," Padilla said.

Some of the election officials who were informed by DHS said Friday the hacking attempts could be linked to Russia, for example, targeted by "Russian cyber actors."

Alaska Elections Division Director Josie Bahnke said computers in Russia were scanning election systems looking for vulnerabilities.

Federal officials said that in most of the 21 states, the targeting was preparatory activity such as scanning computer systems, according to local media reports.

"Scanning is an unauthorized attempt to identify weaknesses in a computer or network -- akin to a burglar looking for unlocked doors in a house," said Padilla.

In most cases Womens Jake McGee Jersey , states said they were told the systems were not breached. Illinois reported that hackers had succeeded in breaching its voter systems.

"There are constant attempts by bad actors to hack our systems," Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, a Republican, said in a statement. "But we continue to deflect those attempts."

In a letter sent to Admiral Michael S. Rogers of the National Security Agency (NSA) earlier this year in June, Padilla said he had expressed serious concern about NSA's failure to provide timely and critical information to America's elections officials.

"We shouldn't have to learn about potential threats from leaked NSA documents or media reports. It is the intelligence community's responsibility to inform elections officials of any potential threats to our elections. They failed in this responsibility," said Padilla.

Earlier this year Womens Chad Bettis Jersey , a leaked NSA report outlined a Russian effort to hack into devices made by a Florida-based voting software company, according to the Los Angeles Times.

DHS testified earlier this year before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that "the owners of the system. Cheap Brazil Soccer Jerseys Alexander Fransson Sweden Jersey Gerard Pique Spain Jersey Jorge Torres Nilo Mexico Jersey Karim Bellarabi Germany Jersey Wholesale Blue Jackets Jerseys Wholesale Blackhawks Jerseys Wholesale Colorado Avalanche Jerseys Wholesale Florida Panthers Jerseys Wholesale Team Finland Hockey Jerseys
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