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VILNIUS Hugo Lloris France Jersey , June 29 (Xinhua) -- Lithuanian parliament (the Seimas)has approved on Thursday the state university optimization planwhich could cut the number of universities in half, amid efforts toboost the quality of education in the country.

The government's plan stated that Lithuania's biggest cities --Vilnius and Kaunas -- should each have one classical university,covering a wide range of study programs. According to the plan,Vilnius and Kaunas would retain their technology, health sciencesand art universities.

Lithuanian Education and Science Minister Jurgita Petrauskienesaid the parliament's decision had paved the way for one of themost important reforms in the country.

""The Seimas finally turned the key and started the engine of thehigher education reform in today's voting,"" Petrauskiene was quotedas saying in an announcement.

However Djibril Sidibe France Jersey , the parliament refrained from naming which universitiesshould be merged following recent resistance on the part ofacademic society.

Opponents to the plan, such as opposition MP and formereducation and science minister Gintaras Steponavicius, said ""Thisplan clearly lacks ambition; it's not specific enough,"" newswebsite quoted him as saying.

More details of the universities' ""optimization"" are to becomeclear later. The parliament proposed the government to preparemeasures and legislation for the implementation of the reform byDec. 1.

Currently, the Baltic state has 14 state universities and apopulation of less than three million people. The Organization forEconomic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently urged thecountry to reform its higher education system. Enditem


Tourists visit Likeng village in East China's Jiangxi Province. The village was placed on a State protection list in 2012 as it has a variety of ancient buildings. A total of 4,157 ancient villages are on the list as of Tuesday to preserve China's thousands of years of agricultural civilization. Photo: IC

Ancient buildings in many villages in China are rapidly disappearing due to rampant theft Corentin Tolisso France Jersey , which is the result of loose government regulations and a lack of legal protection, said experts.

A hollowed-out stone sculpture dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) is now on display in an exhibition hall in Jinxi county, East China's Jiangxi Province.

"It took us nine years to get this sculpture, which was originally part of an ancient house, back from thieves," Wang Jingxin Blaise Matuidi France Jersey , deputy chief of the Jinxi cultural and broadcast bureau, was quoted as saying on Sunday by Outlook Weekly, a magazine affiliated with the Xinhua News Agency.

Wang added that although the stone sculpture is not legally classified as a cultural relic, it is still worth some 100,000 yuan ($14,578) due to its aesthetic and historic value.

China kicked off its preservation program for ancient villages in 2012. As of now Benjamin Pavard France Jersey , it has placed a total of 4,157 ancient villages on a State protection list to preserve the country's thousands of years of agricultural civilization.

Jinxi has 150 traditional villages and thousands of ancient buildings, which attract archaeological experts and tourists, while also giving ample opportunities to relic traffickers.

"The thieves arrive right after the experts leave," Peng Yichu, a resident of Pengjia village in Jinxi county Antoine Griezmann France Jersey , told the magazine, adding that many parts of local historic buildings - such as plaques and archways - have been stolen and sometimes whole houses are carted away piece by piece.

Jinxi conducts special operations to crack down on the illegal trade in cultural relics every year and reported cases of relics being looted have gone from 62 in 2011 to 6 in 2015, but the official said this number is just the tip of the iceberg.

Light punishment

The theft of ancient buildings is not only rampant in Jiangxi, Ni Fangliu, a Nanjing-based archeology expert, told the Global Times on Monday.

He noted that ancient buildings in suburban areas near historic cities such as Beijing and Chengdu are also facing the same threat.

Wang Guixiang Anthony Martial France Jersey , a professor of ancient architecture at Tsinghua University, told the Global Times on Monday that ancient buildings in rural areas are more vulnerable due to the lax application of regulations.

Ni said that since some of these stolen parts of buildings are not classed as cultural relics, those who steal them only face the charge of larceny, which means they receive a much lighter punishment than if they were charged with damaging cultural relics.

A ring of thieves who stole items worth 80,000 yuan from ancient village buildings in Jinxi only received a maximum sentence of three years and two months in jail, Outlook Weekly reported.

China used to execute people for smuggling relics and robbing historic ruins Alphonse Areola France Jersey , but this was stopped in 2011.

Creative solutions

In order to protect their relics and traditions, each of the villages on the State protection list receive a subsidy of 3 million yuan every year.

Most local governments to invest the money in building tourist attractions or even crudely renovating all the local buildings, said Ni, noting that most village officials are ignorant about the need to protect ancient buildings.

Local businesses are the only beneficiary when ancient villages are developed for tourism, while local villagers not involved in the tourist trade are indifferent toward protecting ancient buildings, said Outlook Weekly.

Wang noted locals should serve as the main force to protect disappering ancient buildings.

Village governments should direct the national subsidy toward these homeowners to encourage them to better protect their ancient houses Alexandre Lacazzete France Jersey , Wang suggested.

"Once the owners of these ancient houses understand their houses can benefit them economically, they won't tolerate any damage," said Wang.

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