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JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- South African Minister of Higher Education and Training Blade Nzimande on Wednesday called for punitive measures against perpetrators of violence during student protests.

The minister called on all relevant arms of the state to redouble their efforts to track down, prosecute and jail the small band of criminals working to destroy the country's education infrastructure.

The minister was reacting to the burning of the main examination hall at the Pietermaritzburg campus of the University KwaZulu-Natal, as well as the reported torching of a truck belonging to the University of Zululand this week during student protests against possible fee rises.

"There can never be a rational justification for the destruction of assets that we as a country need to empower the next generation so that they can play their full role in building the South African economy," Nzimande said.

He called on police, prosecutors and other responsible state institutions to "track down this criminal minority and put an end to their barbaric behaviour."

"Communities, parents, students, and staff must also mobilize in protection of the country's learning and teaching facilities," he said.

Student protests re-erupted over the past few days amid reports that institutions of higher learning would increase tuition fees by six percent as proposed by the Council on Higher Education.

Students have threatened to disrupt institutions of higher learning if their demand for zero fee increase is not met.

Earlier, Nzimande warned that zero fee increases would force universities to downsize or shut down certain programs.

South African universities were hit by widespread protests over fee increases last year. According to official figures, the unrest cost more than 145 million rand (about 10.8 million U.S. dollars) in damage.

Following the unrest, President Jacob Zuma appointed a commission to look into the students' concerns.

The government then suspended fee increases for 2016 and provided universities with billions of rand for the shortfall.

Last month, Zuma instructed Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, as well as Nzimande to find money for another zero-percent fee increase for 2017.

The National Treasury has told the Fees Commission of Inquiry, looking into the feasibility of free tertiary education, that a zero-percent fee increment for 2017 was not budgeted for. Enditem


OSLO under armour micro g torch shoes , Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- South Africa has decided to recall a diplomat at its embassy in Norway after he crashed an embassy car and injured a person while allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, newspaper VG reported on Wednesday.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry confirmed that South Africa would call home first secretary Mhlupheki Booysen Dombo at the embassy in Oslo after he crashed his car with another car and injured a woman in that car in the early morning of Jan 3.

""We can confirm that we have received a feedback that South African authorities will call home the diplomat suspected of drunk driving. It is not yet clear when the diplomat will return to South Africa, but Norwegian authorities want a speedy departure under armour micro g anatomix spawn 2 low ,"" Astrid Sehl, a press contact of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry told VG.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry summoned South African ambassador Queen Anne Zondo last week and requested that Dombo's diplomatic immunity be revoked so that he could face charges in Norway.

South African authorities have refused to revoke Dombo's immunity and instead agreed to bring him home, VG reported.

Also in September last year under armour phenom proto trainer , police alerted Norway's foreign ministry that Dombo had been stopped on suspicion of drunken driving. On both occasions, he has refused to submit to blood alcohol testing, claiming diplomatic immunity.

" "

China's top online search firm Baidu Inc said it aims to put self-driving buses on the road in three years and mass produce them within five years under armour speedform gemini black , after it set up a business unit to oversee all its efforts related to automobiles.

The unit will also include its initiative in partnership with BMW AG to develop an autonomous passenger vehicle, which may also be put into mass production within five years, a spokesman told Reuters on Monday.

Self-driving cars have emerged as a new battlefront for tech majors globally. Alibaba Group Holding says it will launch its first car in a partnership with China's SAIC Motor Corp under armour speedform gemini , while U.S. tech heavyweights Google and Apple are also developing autonomous cars.

Baidu driverless car passes 1st test 2015-12-11 10:52:20

The Baidu spokesman declined to give details on potential auto manufacturer partners for the bus project or investment amounts for the unit.

Baidu Senior Vice President Wang Jing will lead the new unit as general manager.


MAPUTO, April 8 (Xinhua) -- Mozambique's national coach Joao Chissano said Wednesday that he is optimistic about group phase competition for the 2017 African Cup of Nations qualification.

Mozambique is in the same group with the African runners-up Ghana, Mauritius and Rwanda and the first group match for the Mozambican national squad will be in Maputo in June.

"I see that we will be playing with Ghana once again under armour scorpio 2 , after meeting them for the qualification of All Africa. We believe that although it's a strong opponent, we have chances to win," said Joao Chissano.

Ghana are currently the 3rd strong football power in Africa under armour scorpio black , according to FIFA rankings, the titles the black Stars conquered in previous competitions are acknowledged by the Mozambican coach. However he is optimistic about the performance of his squad.

"If we look to Ghana senior team is not that different from their current U23 we played recently in Maputo, although they have younger players under armour scorpio , we do believe in our players," sa.
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